STEM Curriculum Designer

2019 March 17

We need an experienced STEM Curriculum Designer

Coding Minds Academy ( is an innovative educational organization that focuses on introducing K-12 students to the challenge and promise of computer science, programming and technologies through after-school programs, weekend workshops and camps. Its mission is to teach young students how to program in a fun environment. We believe in the learn-by-doing philosophy, so all the coding curriculum have been designed in a hands-on project-based format that involves controlling robotics, making mobile apps, and building games.

Our STEM education programs create the necessary foundation of STEM-related skills as well as helps develop those skills to better integrate STEM principles into real-world applications and projects. For example, the course Minecraft Programming with MakeCode, helps students develop a solid foundation of necessary coding and STEM skills that can be applied to real life from an early age.

We are seeking a STEM Curriculum Designer responsible for creating course plans and programs, specifically in Electrical Engineering felid. STEM Curriculum Designer should design course plans and programs for students in grade K-12 using the technical STEM-related knowledge and transfer those technical knowlegde and skills to become understandable and fun material for the students.

You should has specialized skills in the Electrical Engineering field such as machine learning algorithm and embedded systems to create lesson plans that teach students the STEM-related skills. You will also be responsible for doing research in Electrical Engineering felid and modify most recent, up-to-date STEM programs. Bachelor degree in Electrical Engneering is required, Master is prefered

Send resumes with subject line “STEM Curriculum Designer” to [email protected] Please visit us at: to see our programs

  • Responsible for all aspects and phases of curriculum development of Coding Minds courses regarding Electrical Engineering
  • Responsible for expanding the variety of courses and programs
  • Expand program offerings by suggesting and designing allied and related courses and supplemental materials to existing courses like Electrical Engineering Growth Path: Arduino Programming (Grade 7-12)
  • Stay current on related scholarly and educational trends by attending seminars and conferences in the Electrical Engineering field in order to bring resources and ideas to our classes and curriculum
  • Integrate the most cutting-edge material and technologies from the real-world into the curriculum
  • Research latest trends in STEM education, ensure we offer programs that teaching students STEM with the newest concept
  • Modify and improve course plans for current coursework and curriculum with the most recent, up-to-date STEM programs and software
  • Ensure the entire staff of teachers at Coding Minds understand the necessary teaching methods and that they follow that process
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engneering, Master is prefered
  • specialized skills in Machine learning Algorithm including Decision tree, Regression, CNN, SVM
  • specialized skills in Machine learning tools including Tensorflow, Sk-learn, Weka
  • specialized skills in programming languages including Python, Java, C++, Matlab
  • specialized skills in Digital signal processing, Sensor network, IoT System
  • Patient and proactive
  • Salary is $33-$45/hr based on the experience and performance
  • Impact young students with your passion and creativity
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Part time

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